FST 495 - Week 2

The Forward March

With our concept even more nailed down and the character bio for Niko completed, we needed to establish a treatment for the piece so that we could finally catch up to the rest of the class. This proved to be kind of difficult. Not because we didn't have a handle on the story, but simply because we all have exceptionally fast paced lives. We eventually found a moment in all of our schedule on Friday that we could me up and get this out of the way. By the end of the meeting, we had a finished treatment and our personal duties that should put us on a course to be prepared for Monday's class. Of course, on the road to success there is often flats, rogue hitch hikers, and aliens...so who knows if we will actually be ready on Monday or if we will get there and be completely lost. The syllabus has us all a little confused since we missed class Monday and then our group was personally a week behind so we weren't sure what we actually had do the coming class. Tomorrow should be interesting as we start week three....or is it four? Send good vibes



Also, here is a mock up of some ideas for the film I've been toying with visually.