/// Media Fast ///


This was hard.


I repeat. THIS WAS SO FLIPPIN AWFUL! And also satisfying.

I've never struggled with an assignment as much as this. We were tasked with basically unplugging from my digital society for 72 hours. I thought I might actually die at times. I wanted to check my notifications so bad. It would vibrate and I'd start to loose mind. I'm only halfway joking here. After completing this experience, I've learned a couple things about myself.

1. I love my phone too much.

2. I'm boring by myself.

3. There are exactly 538 printed lines on my bed comforter.

4. How did someone survive pre-1999. 

5. And Finally, it's amazing how much time I have without social media and how productive I become. It's hard to stay bored and not start doing something. (even if to stave off insanity.)


This experience was eye opening and probably extremely needed. Not that I'll be putting down my phone again any time soon - but I learned a new way to get shit done.