FST 495 - Week 2

The Forward March

With our concept even more nailed down and the character bio for Niko completed, we needed to establish a treatment for the piece so that we could finally catch up to the rest of the class. This proved to be kind of difficult. Not because we didn't have a handle on the story, but simply because we all have exceptionally fast paced lives. We eventually found a moment in all of our schedule on Friday that we could me up and get this out of the way. By the end of the meeting, we had a finished treatment and our personal duties that should put us on a course to be prepared for Monday's class. Of course, on the road to success there is often flats, rogue hitch hikers, and aliens...so who knows if we will actually be ready on Monday or if we will get there and be completely lost. The syllabus has us all a little confused since we missed class Monday and then our group was personally a week behind so we weren't sure what we actually had do the coming class. Tomorrow should be interesting as we start week three....or is it four? Send good vibes



Also, here is a mock up of some ideas for the film I've been toying with visually.

FST 495 - Week 1

This has been one busy first week! We we got to the first class, it seemed almost everyone there had already figured out not only what they wanted to do in the class, but also had a plan to get it done. I on the other had done none of the above. In fact, id never even talked with my group mates about the project. That was largely due to the fact that I had no idea who they were, but that besides the point. Needless to say, we have an ample amount of things to do in order to get up to speed with the rest of the class and I think we did just that this week. We met up at the library and figured out a solid story concept and started laying the ground work for the project. 

It look like Daniel is going to be focusing on the music, Kenneth is directing, and I'm an animator. I hope that I'll be able to execute everything the way that we have envisioned it. I think I can but it's still a little bit daunting and definitely stressful. I guess the weeks ahead will show the answer to these questions. Until next time, peace!


/// Media Fast ///


This was hard.


I repeat. THIS WAS SO FLIPPIN AWFUL! And also satisfying.

I've never struggled with an assignment as much as this. We were tasked with basically unplugging from my digital society for 72 hours. I thought I might actually die at times. I wanted to check my notifications so bad. It would vibrate and I'd start to loose mind. I'm only halfway joking here. After completing this experience, I've learned a couple things about myself.

1. I love my phone too much.

2. I'm boring by myself.

3. There are exactly 538 printed lines on my bed comforter.

4. How did someone survive pre-1999. 

5. And Finally, it's amazing how much time I have without social media and how productive I become. It's hard to stay bored and not start doing something. (even if to stave off insanity.)


This experience was eye opening and probably extremely needed. Not that I'll be putting down my phone again any time soon - but I learned a new way to get shit done.

Day 5 - The rough Theatre

It's... Well... Kinda Rough

This area of though provides a really interesting perspective for the filmmaking world. The article is centered around the performing arts. (i.e. Theatre) but I think there is some key truths in the article that can be ported over into the realms of filmmaking. For instance, he speaks of the grit of theatre. To me he is referencing the texture that come with anything analog. The sound that comes with vinyls or the grain from a film photograph are perfect example of this texture found in other mediums. In filmmaking, the same grit, the same texture, a similar resonance, finish, or feel comes from various analog mediums since filmmaking incorporates them all. The grain of the film stock, the audio recorded through old style ribbon microphones, the specks of dirt and dust during projection, the whirring clatter of the projector speeding through grain filled frame after glorious frame - these are the aspects of film that equate to the "rough" theatre and they are traits that newer digital theatrical experiences try to emulate. And why is this? 

Because the people love it. It's is so authentic and unapologetic. It bespeaks a crafting process and alludes to something more magical than crystal clear images of Chis Pratt's biceps (however stunning they might be.) The story feels like a story. It makes no effort to trick you with fandangled techno wizardry, rather it simply shows you a long time ago in a galaxy far away. I reference the original Star Wars here because - besides the fact that it was created in an era where real film was still being used - it also uses practical effects and models and animatronics to do something that today is basically a dying art in the age of computers. It was captivatingly unrealistic and that's the beauty of the rough theatre.

Day 4 - Cameraless Filmmaking

The First of Six...

Our class started out with a bang! Our first project was all about cameraless filmmaking. This means that we took previously shot footage and visuals that we created without the aid of a camera to create a film. Some of the techniques that we got to use we magazine transfer, bleaching, scratching, and my personal fav frame prints. This is a technique where my partner and i created animations using our computers and then printed then onto the film with a laser printer. This process had it fair share of difficulties, but in the end, we were both extremely happy with the results. Over all, I enjoyed this project a lot and it set the tone for the rest of the course as and open and explorative approach to filmmaking. 

Day Three - Sound


I had no idea how frequently I came in contact with man-made sounds until reading and watching these materials. I'm constantly listening to music or sitting at my desk and being desensitized by the white noise whirring of the fans in my drives and computer. These resources helped my to listen further; to reach out with my ears and try to pic out the little details of the sounds that I was presently experiencing. Beyond that, it inspired me to think more about the soundscape in my future film and to incorporate more of those little details to craft a more well rounded and full sound track. Over I really enjoyed these reading. :)

Day Two - Visualizing Sound and the Intermingling of the Senses

Cymatics and Synesthesia: What can we do with this?

Both of these topics are hugely fascinating to me. They both are related to our experience and as a filmmaker, crafting experiences for people is what I do. So thought the reading and watching of the video I was repeatedly asking myself, "How can I use these concepts to make a more enriched experience?" (In this case "enriched" is actually a good thing - as opposed to in bread :P) And what I've come up with is that I have no clue. 

And that's OK! I may not know how I would implement any techniques surrounding these concepts at the present, but I now know that they exist. That is a huge step and will allow me to be on the look out for ways where this can come in handy later. 

Day One - Stream of Consciousness

 Photo by BananaStock/BananaStock / Getty Images


After watching the film I think my most overwhelming impression was the sense of a journey or pathway. This was represented in the arrows and lines the seem to traverse the space. These elements occurred throughout the piece. Other elements that stood out in my mind include swirls and the general use of rotation which I perceived predominately as be lost or confused. The use of ink and how it bleeds produces a dirty or grungy feeling and is consistent throughout. At the start there were a lot of bright pops of color and an undulating yellow band the looked like a radio wave when paired with the buzzing electric sound effect. The vibrant color seemed to diminish over the course of the film until the end. Perhaps a visual metaphor for the journey I felt earlier. Not sure how the microbes fit into the equation but they looked cool. :)