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These are a collection of the renders I've made during the Fall of 2015. All are made using Maya Modeling software.

I was tasked with created a clean and fresh poster for a new documentary called "Waterfowl(ed)." This film is about rising awareness for the dangerous conditions these birds live in due to human negligence and the people that rescue these birds. It's an eyeopening film and this poster aims to get people in seats to be awakened. 

This is a collection of poster made for films, events, and fun. Enjoy!

This is a collection of various covers I've designed for written works. They proved to be a great way to try out new tools, combinations, and mental musings. Enjoy!

Flight Management, Done Right!

This Project involved so many different things. Together we rebranded the company with a new logo, website, and business cards. 

Air Alliance is a jet management company based in Charlotte, NC. They came to us looking for some website "redecorating." After taking the project we all realized that this wasn't just a "move the couch to the left" kind of job. We needed to reinvent there whole look to reflect the clean, modern, & robust services that they offer. Here's a look at how that resulted. 

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 12.15.22 AM.png
AirAlliance Mockup_2.jpg

Fossil | 30th Anniversary Tin

Blake Bands | Branding

Southpark Magazine