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Parker Pictures Idents



These short brand identification clips for Parker Pictures were created in After Effects and Premiere Pro. They're used for energetic projects where a fun and modern look meshes cleanly with the content.


Elite Innovations



The following film was created for Elite Innovations as a part of the 10x10 series at Cucoloris Film Festival in Wilmington, NC. My Contribution to the project includes Editing and Motion Graphics all completed with the Adobe Suite.


Koinania | Series Intro | The Cove Church


Flicker Productions Intro

Crowders Pinnacle | Nature Film

Drew & Kristen | Wedding

What's there to say about Drew & Kristin? They're flippin' AWESOME! We had such a blast being a part of their wedding and getting to capture one of the biggest days of their life! As always, we wish the very best for Drew & Kristin and hope that these pictures will serve as fond memories for the day that they tied the knot.

This was a short film that I shot with some friends for a project that required us to use a piece of instrumental music the tell a story without words. The above was our finished piece. 

Nick & Amy

We were asked by the groom to capture one of life's most important memories on video; His wedding!! We were thrilled to help him do this and went to work planing the look and feel for his "digital memory." We believe that the wedding was gorgeous, full of laughter, and so much fun which we then translated into the filmic version of the event. You can watch the highlights below. Enjoy!

Gold by Owl City

Cove Kids | Jungle Package

miPods | Promotion

Instrumental Storm

Soup Kitchen Promotion

Yoplait | Summer is so Good