Fossil | 30th Anniversary Tin Design

A few months ago, I took on the task of crafting Fossil's 30th Anniversary tin design. It was a part of a competition and I decided to take part. I did it for more than just the prize of having my design distributed around the world,  but also just for the fun of it. I wanted to see what I could come up with.

The prompt was simply:

"30 Years on the Open Road"

A very broad concept, that I loved working with. The result of my labor was this final design.

Sadly, I wasn't able to win the competition, but I did create something that I believe would have been pretty neat and stayed true to the prompt. I'll post some detail shots at the end of this so you can get a better look. I'm always listening out for ways to improve my work.

Do you guys have some ideas for improvements to this project? Feel free to share them below. I want to here them!

Koinania | Title Package

A few weeks ago, I was approached by some good friends of mine over at The Cove Church to create a short video package that would accompany their newest series called Koinania. The brief was short and simple, to create a film about a minute long that depicted fellowship in a coffee house. The real fun began when I learned that I had less than 24hrs from when I was handed the project to craft a coherent story around the concept and be prepared to shoot the next day. The short turn around was due to the holidays that were quickly approaching. 

With a huge thanks to the wonderful talent (Tori, Joselyn, Patrick, and Tanner) we were able to pull this off in time.