Air Alliance - Rebrand and Website Remodel

The Prompt:

Air Alliance came to us looking for functionality and a new look for their website. The old site didn't provide some of the features they needed - such as client calendars, a multi-platform design, fluid animations, and overall unified design scheme.

Our Plan:

We took those needs & desires and drew out a path toward that goal. In order to preserve the ease and usability in their new site, we utilized the Squarespace platform. This platform not only provides a sleek and client friendly interface for "self-made" alterations, but it's also a cloud based system so that control is available everywhere and isn't vulnerable to a failing hard drive. We used Squarespace as the foundation and went to work building all the graphics from the ground up. 

The Result:

In the end, we have a beautifully simple and elegant site as well as a happy client and now friend. During the process, we ended up creating a new logo to go with the site. This very complete transformation has, we believe, rejuvenated the image of Air Alliance and we all couldn't be happier with the results. What a great experience it has been working with these people. :)


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